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DR Number 1678
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TOUT CE QU'ON VOUDRA. (As you like it) This series consists of 94 lithographs published between March 28,1847 and November 30, 1852 in the Charivari. Some of the plates carry no numbers. We are adding another 4 unpublished prints (DR 1717 to 1720) which might have belonged to this series.

ABOUT THIS SERIES. Similar to the series “Les bons bourgeois” the prints of the present series are dealing with numerous small misfortunes in the life of the Parisians. They were especially impressed by the possibilities opened by the railroad. Travels to the surroundings and the French province were both exciting and startling experiences.

Apart from these drawings, this series also offers beautiful observations like the elderly couple remembering youth; memories and transience with a pensive humour, and never offending.