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Background Details

Although the painting was considered doubtful in the past, Maison considers it a genuine miniature to DR7221 and DR7222, preceding both paintings. He also believes that all three portraits are not self-portraits, as often assumed, although he does not supply a reasons for this statement.

Fuchs on the contrary considers these paintings to be self-portraits, a postulate which up to this date has hardly been confirmed by supportive research. Out of the three similar paintings, DR7220 has occasionally been doubted as far as its authenticity was concerned (“Daumier, 1808-1879”, Exhibition Catalogue Ottawa, Paris, Washington, 1999-2000, Pantazzi p. 514).

It seems that due the more "finished" and less spontaneous impression of this painting (DR7220) compared to the other two versions, it should be considered an earlier version than DR7221. Again the dating has been problematic with suggestions ranging from the 1860s to the mid 1870s.

Escholier states in 1938 in the list of reproductions that this painting was part of the Durand-Ruel collection, before it moved on to Diot.

Royal Cortissoz wrote an article about Daumier in "The Field of Art" in 1925, Vol. 78 -16, page 217 with the image of DR7220 as illustration.

We wish to thank the Bibliothèque Nationale de France for making it possible to access valuable information on a large number of 19th and early 20th century auction catalogues. This gives us the possibility to focus our Daumier research on early provenance of drawings and paintings.

In 2014 the Daumier Register was contacted by the owner of a PALETTE, supposedly by Daumier. There is no provenance or history about this item, we therefore cannot be sure whether this palette had really belonged to Daumier. The present owner, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York describes it carefully as "probably 19th century".
The owner points to DR7220-DR7222 claiming a certain similarity.
Additional research would be advisable.


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