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DR Number 7192
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Provenance Details
Provenance Image Notes
Geoffroy-Dechaume, Adolphe-Victor Collection. Paris (France)[X]From 1878 on. Auction sale Geoffroy-Dechaume, Drouot, Paris April 14-15, 1893, lot. 26 as "Portrait d'un peintre" for 305 Francs
Viau, Georges. Paris (France)[X]Purchased April 14.-15, 1893, for 305 Francs at Drouot sale
Hansen, Wilhelm & Jenny. Copenhagen (Denmark)purchased 1906 at Viau sale
Reid & Lefèvre, Art dealers. London (UK)Sold in 1923 for £ 700 to National Gallery of Scotland
National Gallery of Scotland. Edinburgh (UK)[X]Received in 1923. Lent to Tate Gallery Daumier Exhibition 1961, Acc. Nr.NG 1616