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DR NR Stands for DAUMIER REGISTER, the digital work catalogue you are looking at. It is the most recent work catalogue of Daumier's oeuvre. The number refers to the number in the DAUMIER REGISTER. Sculptures are numbered between DR9601 and DR9740.
WORK CATALOGUES This section refers to the respective numbers in the work catalogues of:
Daumier Register
Le Garrec
TITLES Most of Daumier's sculptures carry more than one title. In this section we are listing all the titles of each sculpture including the ones in a foreign language.
THEMES When looking at a sculpture, a number of themes become apparent and are searchable.
REFERENCE This is a bibliography for each sculpture showing all the reference books (and page number) dealing with the sculpture.
SIMILARITIES Many themes and scenes in Daumier's sculptures can be seen in reference to his entire oeuvre. We are listing for each sculpture similar or comparable paintings, drawings, lithographs or wood engravings. By clicking on the "Similarity"-links the similar work can be opened and compared to the work in question.
SIZE Various work catalogues, exhibition or auction catalogues state different sizes for Daumier's sculptures. This is a list of all the sizes of each sculpture with exact reference to the literature.
BRONZES BY VARIOUS FOUNDRIES This section gives the provenance of each Daumier sculpture according to the respective foundry.

Collections marked as "Private Collection, nr...." may be contacted through us. All information contained in this section has been supplied by the owners, published by Museums or researched in the literature. The DAUMIER REGISTER cannot be held accountable for any mistakes.
BACKGROUND INFORMATION This section provides multi-level information for each sculpture:

a) Description of the sculpture
b) Opinions of experts
c) Quotes from newspaper articles and other documents regarding the sculpture
d) Cultural and historic information about the subject or the specific sculpture.
e) Short abstracts about themes (e.g. about Lawyers, Washerwomen etc.)

New information will permanently be added and updated.
PHOTOGRAPHS Each search result shows one or more photographs of a sculpture.
COPYRIGHT The Daumier Register® is protected by Copyright. For research purposes, the use of information is permitted and must be credited to©. Downloading of photographs for non-profit or commercial reasons is subject to written approval. Please contact:

APPRAISALS For authentication, appraisals, and valuations please contact the DAUMIER REGISTER.
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