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lupe lupe

Original Text:
Argument irrésistible.
...Mais ta future ne veut pas de toi.…. -C'est vrai,.… je l'ai dit au beau-père, mais il me donne 100.000 fr de plus. - Ah! c'est différent!... mais on dit que ta future en a aimé un autre et que …. qu’il….. faut la marier tout de suite…. – C’est vrai ; mais je l’ai encore dit au père, et il me donne encore 100.000 f de plus… - Ah ! c’est bien différent !

A compelling argument.
- But I hear that your fiancée doesn't seem to like you.
- True... and I said this to my future father in law upon which he gave me another 100'000 Francs.
- Oh, that's different of course! But there are rumours that your future wife loved someone else... and that...she must get married as soon as possible.
- Quite correct... and I informed my father in law accordingly... and he gave me another 100'000 Francs.
- Well that makes all the difference, doesn't it.

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