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Technique: Lithography (ORIGINAL) (3689) Pen lithography (ORIGINAL) (77) Gillotage/Lithography (ORIGINAL) (267) Etching (ORIGINAL) (2) Wood engraving (ORIGINAL) (1022) Gillotage/Wood engraving (ORIGINAL) (24) Oil painting on canvas (ORIGINAL) (89) Oil painting on panel (ORIGINAL) (170) Oil painting on paper laid down (ORIGINAL) (11) Oil painting on cardboard (ORIGINAL) (3) Oil painting unknown technique (ORIGINAL) (10) Oil painting (AFTER DAUMIER) (365) Oil painting (UNCONFIRMED) (231) Sculpture (ORIGINALS AND REPRODUCTIONS) (120) Drawing on paper (ORIGINAL) (1320) Drawing on lithographic stone (ORIGINAL) (28) Drawing on woodblock (ORIGINAL) (3) Drawing (AFTER DAUMIER) (832) Drawing (UNCONFIRMED) (695) Drawing on fabric, glass etc. (ORIGINAL) (7) Show all
Image DR Number Text (original) / Title  
7019 Deux avocats All details
7120 Deux têtes
Duas cabeças
Zwei Köpfe
All details
9154 Le Rêve des Parisiens All details
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